• General Electric, Schertz TX

Reviewed design of a 50 million dollars small LNG plant, came up with ideas to shave $6 million dollars by streamlining process and $10 million dollars by reducing scope of project. GE then was able to get a billion dollars project with Venture Global

  • Design of FLNG , Houston, TX

Gave a presentation at AIChE and at Rice University on how to design an FLNG. Design of FLNGs have major issues with motion, safety, total size, equipment, momentum and processing. Solutions to major design issues were presented.

  • Zachry/ Commonwealth Engineering, Houston, TX

Reviewed impact of switching GTL reactor from a slurry reactor to a multitube reactor. Impacts to existing equipment were presented.

Developed BEDD, HYSYS simulations, PFD, lab tests for a refinery project. Scope included desalter, atmospheric crude unit and vacuum tower

  • IHI, Houston, TX

Provided support to comply with PHMSA and FERC requirements during the design of the Cove Point LNG plant.

  • Ventech Engineers, Pasadena, TX

Discussed layout considerations, general design, visbreaker furnace requirements, TAN materials and pipeline operation and design of a heavy oil refinery.

Advised on layout and control strategy for a demethanizer relocation and use of new/old equipment.

Proposed modifications to be done to lab scale reactor to make it compatible to industrial GTL reactor.

Reviewed design of Haldor Topsoe hydrotreater and sized equipment.

  • Propak Systems, Airdrie, AB

Sold a $2.7 million dollars gas processing process, same strategy helped sell about $10 million dollars more of equipment to client.

  • Altex Energy, Calgary, AB

Developed concept to transport bitumen using railcars from Canada to the USA. Before Altex Energy no company transported bitumen to the USA as it requires a lot of considerations for its transportation.

  • Fransen Enginering, Calgary, AB

Helped design an alum feeder for the oil sands Shell project.

  • Oleochemicals plant, Toronto, ON

Proposed a different type of reactor to plant which would decrease operational costs, space time and energy consumption. Plant was not profitable because the Canadian dollar was strong.

  • Design of ABS plant for SABIC, Toronto, ON

Advised to keep equipment to prevent runaway reactions in design.

  • AMEC, Calgary, AB

Provided advice on process control, equipment and process for the Shell Athabasca Oil Sands project. Advice included proven technology that substantially improved the operations of the plant, equipment helped to comply with Canadian environmental regulations.

  • Corn Ethanol Plant Design, Mexico

Reviewed new and existing technology to develop Basic Engineering Package for a corn to ethanol plant.

  • Maddocks Engineering, Guelph, ON

Developed concept and reviewed implementation of machine that assembled filters. Final machine was different than client’s model to decrease cycle time by 70% and scrap by 80%.

  • Eastman Chemicals, Columbia, SC/ Cosoleacaque, MX

Programmed a big part of DCS and streamlined process control of a fully automated 120,000 metric tons/year PET polymer plant​.


We have participated in the following projects:

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